Who are we? We have a lot to tell you…

At Gladwin Lewis, we strive for the personal development of each and every one of our students through our courses, workshops, artificial intelligence tools, and advanced technologies

The Gladwin Lewis technological education system includes: live 4K technology multi-angle broadcasts from our special cutting-edge designer studios that will ensure you won’t be bored for one moment; personal calls and live support from instructors; automatic follow-up on your study plan, an interactive broadcast archive, a forum for students and teachers, and more…

In addition, we provide specialization tracks and conferences in Israel and around the world, that include study tours. At Gladwin Lewis, we create an unforgettable study experience and provide you with practical tools for life.

We believe there is a need to change the study modules that exist today and to provide enriching knowledge using teaching methods that have been adapted to our era, to the future, and each individual student.

In short, Gladwin Lewis is here to help you discover your needs. With the data you provide us, we will create a program of workshops and courses suited to your strengths that will upgrade your abilities and help you find your direction. At Gladwin Lewis, we don’t believe in general studies in a boring classroom made up of people with different goals and different abilities. From here on,  everything is sharp, fast-paced, and individually tailored to your personal needs – and backed up by our designated technological and internet systems. For this purpose, we built sophisticated broadcast studios, smart classrooms, technologically advanced course broadcasts, including apps, a robotic archive, and more.

Gladwin Lewis holds events, conferences, study tours, and networking meet-ups to create wide-scale business collaborations. With our specially adapted physical classrooms incorporating advanced technologies, Gladwin Lewis is a real change in educational perceptions. At Gladwin Lewis, kids, teenagers, adults, business people, and anyone interested in the technological, spiritual, managerial world will find a new and fascinating way of learning.

Main sectors: Education, study, technology.

Main profession: Education, enrichment, leadership development, management, technology, spirituality, innovation, and entrepreneurship.

Age range: 21-55

Main goals:  Changing the way we learn by changing study environments and developing short specializations with innovative teaching methods and technologies, enrichment courses and practical tools for the new era, and modern community management methods.