Gladwin Lewis believes that personal development isn’t just dependent on the individual, but also on those who possess professional knowledge and experience. Our courses and workshops were developed to give you the tools to achieve personal and economic freedom with the help of our community, whose sole goal is to help you get the most out of yourselves and realize your maximum potential. Our community will walk hand in hand with you from the very start of your path and accompany you on your journey to meaning and empowerment, to enable you, with will power and persistence, to succeed in the path that you choose for yourselves.

If you’re going to study online, there’s only one way to do it!!!

Our broadcasts are built on cutting edge technology and equipment, and are filmed from several angles in 4K resolution. We employ three team members on each broadcast to ensure the best possible quality and to provide a rapid response to students watching from home. Our broadcasts are an extraordinary first-of-a-kind experience in Israelence in Israel.

Gladwin Lewis gives a year-long guarantee to each student. If during the year, a student feels that the material is a little “foggy” they can contact our customer service and ask for additional access to our broadcast channel. In addition, membership in our community is unlimited, at o extra cost, and with full access to the forum, student-help programs, and so on.

Our vision at Gladwin Lewis is to create a change in the way we learn through technology, with conferences in Israel and overseas and incubators for entrepreneurs. In short, Gladwin Lewis is here to help you discover your needs. With the data you provide us, we will create a program of workshops and courses suited to your strengths that will upgrade your abilities and help find your direction. At Gladwin Lewis, we don’t believe in general studies in a boring classroom made up of people with different goals and different abilities. From here on,  everything is sharp, fast-paced, and individually tailored to your personal needs, backed up by our technological systems.

After completing your studies, you can become part of the exclusive Gladwin Lewis community. First, you will have to go through a personal interview and then you will be assigned a link to the personal zone for graduates, and you will be connected with a Gladwin Lewis community manager who will assign you to various community activities… from business advisors to students, to setting up and managing conferences and events, fundraising and more.

Gladwin Lewis courses are built to be short and enjoyable, and feature study trips in Israel and overseas.


Once every three months, we hold an entrepreneur/investor conference with guest lectures and networking meet-ups, and once a year we hold an annual conference in the southern resort of Eilat that takes place over a few days and is an extraordinary and empowering experience.

Our personal zone includes a VOD library of interactive lessons specially built for each course curriculum. Each video includes an exam with a number of questions, and our proprietary technology gives our students the option to view answers and to receive help in real-time from an instructor.

Under the terms of the Consumer Protection Law, a student may cancel a course up to 14 days from registration. In the event that payment was made through an external study financing body, the cost of setting up the payment and the security deposit will be deducted from the final sum. At Gladwin Lewis there is no small print; we believe in full transparency.

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