Journalism, media & PR

Digital communications

Communications course syllabus – hands-on practical experience

Zero theory and practical knowledge only. All our lecturers work extensively and are leaders in the field. You will be exposed to leading people in the field, who will give you real-world examples and practical tools. The only course that will enable you to start your own independent business within a year.

The only way to study communications in 2021!

The next generation of journalists. PR people and spokespersons will learn how to combine the offline world (communications and PR) with the online world (digital marketing, digital dialogue platforms, digital trends and more).

Course graduates will be able adapt and become spokespeople/PR agents/journalists, to analyze the state of the market, and promote themselves in the offline and online worlds and to get support and training that will increase their chances of success in the field.

What does the course include?

  • A free personal / business training session for each student
  • An hour-long personal meeting at the end of the course with the lead instructor
  • A gift of a digital book about the world of PR
  • Option to receive an up-to-date list of journalists in your field of choice
  • A pack of free communiqués and sample articles
  • 80 study hours
  • Graduation certificate

Course goals : Specialization and enrichment

Who is the course suitable for? Everyone

Ages : 21-55

Number of participants : 20

Number of meetings : 32

Lesson time : 2.5 hours

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