Entrepreneurship, technology & media

In this course we will learn how to manage employees, write business plans, conduct competitor research, and manage and establish a brand – this will help both the self-employed and employees learn how to set up new business departments or lead business development systems within a company. In the second stage, we will learn how to be professional in the field of website building with an emphasis on trading technologies (establishment of sales channels / sales sites) in WordPress systems. In the third stage, we will learn how to set up and manage campaigns on the most important marketing platforms in the world, such as: Facebook, Google, Taboola – these will all give you the major marketing tools required for different types of products.

What does the course include?

  • Option for a complete and ready-made sales/publicity site
  • A personal business consulting voucher for each student
  • Characterization and branding of a website based on customer profile
  • A year’s domain storage
  • Website hosting for a year ( NIS 59.96 per month thereafter  – no obligation)
  • 125 study hours
  • Graduation Certificate
  • 3 hours of private lessons

Course goals : Specialization and enrichment

Who is the course suitable for? Business owners, professionals, young entrepreneurs, marketers

Ages : 21-55

Number of participants : 20

Number of meetings : 50

Lesson time : 2.5 hours

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