Website building & ecommerce

Building and managing websites

Our short course, in addition to giving you tools to build a professional ecommerce site on the popular and in-demand WordPress platform, will teach you how to build and manage ecommerce and publicity sites in the smartest way, and of course how to conduct promotion campaigns on the all the most important platforms, such as Google, Facebook, Taboola and so on.

What does the course include?

  • A personal business consulting voucher for each student
  • Characterization and branding of a website based on customer profile
  • A year’s domain storage
  • Website hosting for a year ( NIS 59.96 per month thereafter  – no obligation)
  • 40 study hours
  • Graduation Certificate
  • 3 hours of private lessons

Course goals : Specialization and enrichment

Who is the course suitable for? Business owners, professionals, young entrepreneurs, marketers

Ages : 21-55

Number of participants : 20

Number of meetings : 16

Lesson time : 2.5 hours

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